Natural Solutions for DIY Pest Control

The conventional pest control approaches are not just expensive but in addition can come with lots of threats, particularly if you have children or domestic pets. Even so, there are normal pest control alternatives which you can use to rid your house of insects properly and properly. In this posting, we shall explore some all-natural Pest Removal alternatives which you can use in your home.

1. Essential Natural oils

Vital fats are excellent natural home remedies to keep insects of all kinds away from your home. Peppermint oil, as an illustration, is a potent insecticide, along with its powerful aroma is a deterrent to insects. Use a diffuser to distributed peppermint essential oil in your house or rub it onto natural cotton balls and place them around your home. Other vital natural oils that repel pests involve lavender oils, eucalyptus essential oil, and teas tree gas.

2. White vinegar

Vinegar is actually a adaptable natural solution that can be used to clean, cooking food, and pest control. Its solid sour smell can reject ants, cockroaches, as well as rats. To use vinegar for pest control, thin down it with normal water and put the mix right into a squirt bottle. Squirt the white vinegar solution onto pests or around pest-vulnerable places in your house, such as the rubbish can and kitchen pantry.

3. Diatomaceous World

Diatomaceous world can be a natural natural powder made out of fossilized organisms. It is risk-free for human and dog consumption but fatal to unwanted pests. When sprinkled around your property, diatomaceous planet dehydrates the unwanted pests, and so they expire from lack of fluids. This natural powder can also be powerful against bedbugs, fleas, and other creeping pests. You can dust it around places that pests will probably cover, such as below cabinets, associated with furnishings, and across the baseboards.

4. Fresh Lemon Juice

Freshly squeezed lemon juice can be another all-natural treatment which can be used to help keep unwanted pests from your residence. The acidic components in fresh lemon juice can destroy or push away various unwanted pests, such as ants, flies, and gnats. To use fresh lemon juice as being a pest control solution, mix it with normal water inside a spray bottle and use it around areas where insects regular, such as counter tops, racks, and windowsills.

5. Boric Acid solution

Boric acid solution is actually a normal solution which you can use to manipulate and eradicate pest infestations. It can be risk-free for human beings but highly dangerous to pests. Boric acid can be used to eliminate pests such as cockroaches, termites, and ants. To use boric acid solution being a pest control solution, spread the powder over the sides of your spaces, in walls cracks, as well as on other locations where pests hide.


Utilizing natural remedies for pest control is not only eco-warm and friendly but also less dangerous for your family members and animals. By utilizing the 5 organic Pest Removal options mentioned on this page, you are able to prevent unwanted pests from penetrating your property effectively.